Thursday, September 2, 2010


He passed away in his old age (80+) and was one of the pioneers of the gospel in the Usambara mountains, especially in Lukozi and all the surrounding areas. He spread the gospel till his death, till his final strength was exhausted.

He never bothered to wait for public evangelism, he never complained for financial support from his church for evangelism, he went with his own foot, going through valleys and hills; the present churches in those highlands are the harvest of the seeds he planted .

Though he died at night and buried the next afternoon, the multitude of people of approximately 800+ was there and the others, not even numbered, continued to flow; till I departed they were still coming to witness just even the grave.

In the last two months, he met all his friends, church officials, his daughters and sons (except those who were far, like me and my wife) and to all whom he met he gave a special Bible verse to remember and a church hymnal song to remember forever. Kila mtu alipewa lake [Everyone was given his/her own verse].

In the last three months, alianza kuchanganyikiwa na kupoteza fahamu kwa muda [he started to lose consciousness], but when he came back to his senses he told people that "nimeona umati wa watu wengi sana wamekuja hapa kwetu na wamekuja kwa ajili yangu" [I have seen a gathering of many people who have come here in our place for my sake].

To everyone he met, he mentioned all places that had not yet received the gospel, that he was unable to reach in the Usambara mountains. And he was sad for not being able to go there.

When he was taken to the hospital he called for a pastor but the pastor was not there, he said, "the gospel has not been preached yet in some places and I need to see the pastor". He asked for a piece of paper to write a message for the pastor, but his hands were not able to write and he slept.

Few moments before sleeping he said to all the people he met "Siogopi kufa, najua nitakufa, ila namwomba Mungu niwepo kwenye ufufuo wa kwanza" [I am not afraid of dying, I know I will die but I beseech God that I may be present in the first resurrection].

Brethren, huo utabaki kuwa ushuhuda wa milele katika mtaa wa Lukozi na milima ya Usambara. Je sisi tunafanyaje? [Ndugu that will remain to be an everlasting testmony in the Lukozi area and the Usambara mountains. As for us, what are we doing?] Have we really examined our christianity as God expect us to do??? Tangu nimetoka msibani sijisikii tena kulia[Since I came from the funeral I no longer feel like crying for] because I am sure he prepared his life for eternity.

Msisikitike kwa ajili yake, wala msisononeke kwa ajili ya upweke tulioachiwa sisi watoto wake, tuzililie nafsi zetu na familia zetu kwa ajili ya wokovu wetu" [Let us not saddened for his sake or be sorrowful because of the emptiness has has left us his children, let us wail for our souls na those of our families for the sake of our salvation]

* A Tribute by Bungayo Mayo

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