Saturday, September 22, 2012

Satellite Evangelism with Pastor Ruguri from 29/09/2012

The “Gospel Flame” Bible Lecture series with Pastor Ruguri coming from Kampala Uganda and being broadcast for Africa [from 29 September to 15 October 2012] will feature the power filled dynamic preaching of Blasious Ruguri. Pastor Ruguri has lectured and preached widely in many countries in Africa and North America. The series will also feature health and family talks and a remarkable wide range of gospel music from choirs from all across east – central Africa. The series is translated into seven languages with home viewers able to select the language of their choice.  English, Swahili, French and other major languages of Africa will be available.

Anyone with a Free To Air satellite system tuned to Intel Sat 10/20 will be able to share in the programs. The series will be available on both Ku (small dish) and C-band (big dish) reception. Millions of homes across Africa will be able to watch the programs. Nearly 10,000 Seventh-day Adventist Churches across Africa are also hosting the event for large local audiences.  

Reception parameter information for the small dish (Ku band) receivers is:

Hope Channel International [English]
Languages 1 to 7
Satellite: IS-10 Ku band

Frequency:  12573

Polarity:  Vertical

Symbol Rate 04444

FEC 1/2


Reception Information for big dish (C Band) reception will be posted soon.



  1. Dear Pastor Ruguri,
    my email is janenkhoma@yahoo.co.uk. I live in Zambia in the city of lusaka. phone no +260966761499. We would want you to be our guest speaker at our camp meeting in April 2013 from 19th to 28th. Kindly reply to my email or call me.
    May the good lord bless you.
    Sister Jenipher Chibwe Nkhoma.
    From Zambia.

  2. Hi Pastor Ruguri, i listened to your preaching about creation and Darwin's theory while you were in Uganda and i was spritually impressed and satisfied. How can i have access to your preachings on different themes

  3. Hi pastor Ruguri
    Kindly tell me how i can purchase the vedio casets of your preaching so that my church can see. Am currently in charge of satelite evangelism. My email is sangtecla@gmail.com