Monday, November 2, 2009

Introducing Zion's Melody First Album!

Dear all,

Here's Zion's Melody's first album entitled, "Yeye Ndiye Mfalme!" (He is the King!). It's been a real blessing for these young people working in unity to put together songs that they have been, for the past one year, singing in both public and private place - from hospitals, to churches, to student conventions, to homes of the those seeking comfort and healing. Now, you too can enjoy these blessings with only a donation of at least Tsh. 8,000 or USD 6.50. The group has plans to extend the ministry further and therefore, your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

Call any one of the following numbers to make your order:


Stay blessed!


  1. I've never heard these Pple Singing live but I believe they are good singers,just the way they look.
    We wanna get their albums here in Arusha.Its real Good to see young folks Singing Gaspel, not Bongo flava.
    I like them all!!
    Tank U bro Chambi.

  2. Kaka Chambi, unaweza kupost hata wimbo wao mmoja? Albert, DSM

  3. Our colleague in Arusha/Moshi can supply you with a copy of the CD. Call +255715857086