Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Journal of Southern African Adventism (JOSA)

Dear Reader/Author/Friend,
It is with great pleasure to announce, on behalf of the editorial team, that the first issue of the online journal JOSA has just been published. It has indeed been an exciting journey, from conception to the first issue. We are however fully aware that this is just the beginning of a long and hopefully fruitful journey for all of us. The main purpose of JOSA is to provide a platform for knowledge sharing  as well as an arena for an informed conversation on issues that define what Adventism is and how it should find expression in Southern Africa. We hope this engagement will make the church more effective in its mission.
To access the papers/articles: 
- Please go to the website www.josa.co.za
- Click on the "CURRENT" tab at the top of the website
I assume you have registered as a reader (at least). If not, please go to the "REGISTER" tab (top of website) and follow the instructions. If you need help please contact us through the email address provided on the website or on this email address.
Because the first issue has now been published, we are likely going to get a good number of readers wanting to register and needing assistance with that and it might take a couple of days before we get to everyone who needs help.
We are already working on Issue No.2 (October 2012) and are calling for papers. Please think about writing.
Thanks for supporting JOSA and enjoy reading the papers.
God bless and Kind Regards

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